Quinha (Érica Mukai Faria) was born in 1988 in Campinas, Brazil. 
She is based in NYC and Rio de Janeiro, depending on the season. 

Quinha has worked in various roles of the medical field for 15 years.
In her sculptures of found materials, Quinha studies the shape, care, and movement of human bodies. 
Using traditional tailoring techniques that she learned as a student of Larnell Baldwin, she creates various types of bags, boxes, garments, and cases. These packages are deliberate artifacts of an era marked by disposability. 

Quinha likes to bring different types of people together in playful ways. In 2018, she founded the Philadelphia Packaging Company- a creative collective of nine friends who invite wide participation with projects that generate “offline connectivity” and interdependence within their communities. Together they assemble ideas into meaningful objects.

Quinha is an MFA student at Bard College. 

ericamukaifaria @ gmail . com
Instagram: @quinha_faria